Who is Ladygoldenangel as a Mystic? 

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I am more of a seer, feeler and audio, so i hear feel and see things through raw intuition more than anything else. I like to use tools such as tarot, or oracle cards and here and there a pendulum but other than that im pretty much a natural born!! 

P.S. Would love it if you left feedback after a private chat/reading session or email!! pls and ty :0) 

❖ Degrees 
12-15 years of experience 

Experience & Qualifications 
✔ ::Clairaudio:: ✔ ::Clairvoyancy:: ✔ ::Clairsentient:: 
✔ ::Oracle Cards:: ✔ ::Empathic:: ✔ ::love*career*life:: 
✔ ::pendulum:: ✔ ::remote viewer:: ✔ ::Distant Healer:: 
✔ ::Healer:: ✔ ::Herbal Prayers:: ✔ ::Playing Cards:: 
✔ :: Spanish Baraja Cards:: ✖ ::Mediumship::---learning to harness 

❖ Healing: I am not a physician I work with the light to heal,a lightworker basically. I can send energies and realign alot in your body spirituail and physically.Though I must stress that I do not prescribe medcine or perform any of the duties of a pyshician. I am studying herbal medicine, reiki and such through Angels and others still. I am not afraid to admit I learn from others outside my naturally given gifts and info for my path as a healer and spiritual advisor. So until I am liscenced I only work with the light to heal mind, body and spirit.